Faulty receipt on the market of spouse additionally the an owl stopped a train day

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Faulty receipt on the market of spouse additionally the an owl stopped a train day

IRISH DAYS ODDITIES: SOLD HIS WIFE FOR ?23 : Vincenzo Marvasi, A neapolitan that is 35-year-old his wife, Ciara, to a buddies…

IRISH OCCASIONS ODDITIES: SOLD HIS WIFE FOR ?23: Vincenzo Marvasi, a 35-year-old neapolitan, offered their spouse, Ciara, up to a buddies for 40,000 lire (about ?23).

Their buddy Rino Vinceguerra, after a few times, decided he wanted their cash back. Marvasi declined, so both males, using Ciara using them, decided to go to a magistrate in Naples. Marvasi exhibited a “bill of sale”, receipted with postage stamps. The magistrate stated the purchase ended up being unlawful – there clearly was just 70 lire well well worth of stamps regarding the bill as opposed to 80.

February 6th, 1950


In the inquest in Cork final Saturday on Asagiro Sugetsugu (22), unmarried, who had been killed the prior day up to speed the steamship Kinkasau Maru, being hidden under a shifting majority of grain while doing work in the corn hold, a verdict had been came back prior to the medical proof, the jury discovering that no body would be to blame for the accident. Dr WJ Shorten claimed that death ended up being because of suffocation. Mr AC Residence, who had been current with respect to the people who own the vessel, stated that the man that is deceased initial Japanese susceptible to be interred in Ireland.

March 28th, 1927


James McLaughlin of Jonquires, Quebec, aged 35, dad of a household, ended up being sitting on a package of dynamite, as he carelessly dropped a smoking end into a package of powder nearby, with deadly results.

March 14th, 1925


The Vologda-Leningrad express is stopped on the way by a many agency that is singular. The train had been travelling at between thirty-five and forty miles hour with regards to unexpectedly stumbled on a stand-till. Investigation indicated that a big owl in flying by had caught the cock regarding the Westinghouse braking system and switched it, using the outcome that the brake system had been placed on.

14th, 1928 february

kid STARTED A ?300,000 FIRE

A ?300,000 fire due to the carelessness of the seven-year-old child yesterday almost completely wiped out of the tiny city of Shimokawa, on Hokkaido, north Japan, authorities reported. Significantly more than 200 regarding the city’s 350 homes, as well as 2 schools, had been damaged by the fire. Anyone ended up being killed. The fire began as soon as the child, providing a “party” for their buddies, produced fire on to the floor away from old papers.


A days that are few Mr John Ryan, victualler, Emmet Street, Tipperary, offered away to a buddy into the Hollyford region a collie dog which was indeed their possession when it comes to previous 5 years. Canine wandered into Tipperary along side complimentary State troops if they grabbed the city when you look at the Irish civil war. Canine was conveyed a distance of some 20 kilometers when you look at the base of the vehicle to Hollyford.

2 days a while later when Mr Ryan arrived downstairs into the morning to start his premises up he discovered the collie from the home, bearing unmistakable proof of having made a lengthy, toilsome journey in the evening russian brides com real.

August 27th, 1928


A Genoa court sentenced Vito Maria (23) and Agnese Marisi (20) to 2 months’ imprisonment yesterday for kissing under a tree in a street for a September evening. These people were seen with a policeman, whom charged these with “acts contrary to general public decency”. The court discovered them responsible regardless of Vito’s plea: “we had been doing no damage and were getting hitched in March anyway.” The prosecutor had expected for five-month terms for both. The few had been appealing.

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